Adriana was born and raised in San Francisco. She is a professional model working for angencies is San Francisco & Los Angeles, AND she recently landed a part on the new hit show 'Girl Boss'! Follow her journey on instagram @adriannareloba



Soheila is an aspiring model in the bay area, she loves to travel and celebrate with friends! 


Maya moved to San Francisco to study fashion design at the Academy. She is special because she moved here from Vermont!! (802 represent!!) Also, that shirt she's wearing, she made it herself! Follow her journey on instagram @madebymayag

Salihah X Thrasher

Salihah moved to the Bay Area from Texas, she is taking photography courses at the Academy! Follow her journey on instagram @salihahsaadiqphoto


Jiavona is a west coast local born and raised in So Cal. After taking medical courses at Stanford University, she realized that she actually wanted to explore her creative side. Jia has been studying photography at the Academy of Art University for over three years now, and hopes to get a job retouching in the city. Follow Jia's journey on Instagram @jiavona_photos


Lulu moved to California from New Jersey. She studies drawing at the Academy and loves to travel the world! Follow her travels on instagram @lulucfarfan


Mary moved to San Francisco from Texas. She studies fashion at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and, is also a part time model! Follow her journey on instagram @marychauvel


Ray is also staying at the Archbishops mansion in San Francisco with the Numa Agency this week! Follow her modeling career on instagram @raylalaaa 


Elli is temporarily working San Francisco with the Numa Modeling Agency! She's leaves for her hometown in Canada next month, follow her journey on instagram @elli_andersonpics


Serena X Abndn

Serena moved here from Florida and she burnt herself on a heater last night. 

Necklace, earrings, and head piece made & sold by


How Anna and I truly feel about this overrated, unimaginative, consumerist-oriented, arbitrary, manipulative shallow interpreation of love day. @hotexgf

The Crew

My girls listed from top to bottom, left to right: Chiara (@littlechi), Brit (@hundredpercentsilk), Moriah (@trendyhotdog), Anna (@hotexgf), and Taylor (@crystallinesunshine) 


Kanda_02 💦

On top of being a bad-ass bud tender and dog lover, Kanda is an amazing photographer! Find her gorgeous landscapes and more @kandaburgessphotography 


Ayla was born and raised in San Francisco which makes her as rare as a unicorn! This nerd loves virtual reality and studies illustration at California Academy of the Arts in Oakland. @aylabb



Kanda is initially from the beautiful island of St. Croix. She moved to the Bay Area a few years ago to become a bun tender and doesn't go anywhere without her little dude! @i_dey_yah